How long till our primary sources of energy run out and we stand stranded in dilemma figuring out alternatives? From ages, we have been surviving on our conventional sources and have been exploiting them with negligence. The resources we have been thriving on till date are not only non-renewable but also require constant investment and lack the sustainability. The overall damage caused at the global green spectrum by these is a another constantly discussed dimension but has been ignored for a very long time, until now, when it has reached its maxima and the urgency to switch is alarming the civilization for its survival. Yet, we are far behind the idea to have adapted and to have evolved to a renewable source of energy which serves as an economical option and also maintains the green balance of the planet.

Over time, we have advanced our knowledge and productivity in every sector, to minimize the input and to receive the maximum output for our own personal interests. However, one cannot deny that we have failed not only in adapting to the better alternatives for energy production and consumption but also to have propagated the best in the same. Our current energy sources have been exploited by us to such an extent that there is no scope of their revival and they also fail to meet the current requirement of energy consumption. At present, X amount of energy is produced while the national requirement corresponds to Y amount.  For the power is expensive and doesn’t reach all sectors in need. The primary flaw is to be relying on an outer source for our energy needs when we have long developed the technology to have harness our own.

We have been relying on solar power, directly and indirectly for our multiple needs since time immemorial. Solarization of power is not only economical and effective but also ensures the sustainability in the long run. Being a renewable resource, unlike our conventional resources, there is not much concern for its replenishment. With India being semi- tropical, we have abundance. The solar power ensures a high grade, long time output with a one- time investment. The power production via solar cells requires no additional, distant inputs and can be easily generated at one’s rooftops with feasible transmission and monitoring, allowing an overall ease. The enhancement in energy production by solar ensures sufficient power supply at lower rates and constant availability. The economic front is just one of the many benefits one receives after advancing to the solar energy. The power generation and supply is environment friendly and keeps the green initiative alive. For ones who are new to this idea, the solar power for one may not always be autonomous but can be readily coupled with your current supply and one can transit gradually at one’s pace. The flexibility of the system allows you to explore your convenient balance. The only effort required by us is to adapt and to evolve with our form of energy for a better now and a sustainable future.

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